If you’re travelling on a budget, the first thing you’re probably looking to save money on is a flight.

And sometimes, finding the best deal on a flight can be the deciding factor on where you’re going to travel to. Cheap flight prices are available, but you need to know how to find them.

cheap flights 2019

First things first, stop believing the myths.

Searching for a flight in your browser’s ingconito mode is not going to save you money, nor is booking a flight on a Tuesday rather than a Saturday.

It is also not cheaper to fly on Western holidays, such as Christmas day (actually, it is usually more expensive). Although those myths sound like they make sense, there is no evidence that proves this to be true.

Many bloggers will tell you that you need to delete your cookies, or search in incognito mode – but they won’t be able to give you any evidence that this actually makes a difference.

What is true, however, is that flight prices fluctuate, and this is why you might see a flight for $400 one day and $700 the next.

The reason for this is down to bookings. The price of a seat on a plane is determined by the price of the previous seats that have been sold.

First things first, stop believing the myths.

Now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get on with finding the cheapest flights.

  • If you want to bag the cheapest flight, you’re going to need to be FLEXIBLE with your DATES and maybe also with your DESTINATION.
  • Be aware, flights around holiday seasons are going to be EXPENSIVE! If you can, avoid flying at Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year and Easter. Also remember that school holidays = more expensive flights.
  • More importantly, it is always cheaper to fly mid-week rather than on a weekend. Not many people want to start their vacation on a Tuesday, right? Therefore, airlines are likely going to hike up weekend fares.

You can save hundreds of dollars by being more flexible with the day you travel.

If you’re simply looking for a cheap getaway, keep your destination OPEN! Be Flexible! Search engines today make it very easy to search all destinations in the world.

If you’re looking for a city break, or somewhere warm to escape the winter or maybe you just want to get a cheap flight to ANYWHERE, it has never been easier to do so, as long as you stay flexible.

Don’t be afraid to add more stops in your journey.

Sometimes, we know where we want to go but we can get there cheaper by adding our own layovers, especially if we’re travelling far.

For example, I knew I wanted to go to Vancouver, Canada in November. I was starting from my home in Porto, Portugal.

Below is the cheapest flight that I found on Skyscanner , searching by month (I was flexible with my dates). This is a one-way flight.

No way was I going to pay $461 for a 19hour journey with a connection in Lisbon and Newark. I had no interest in going to either of those places.

I knew I had to break the journey up myself.

Porto, Portugal is not an ideal starting place for transatlantic flights. I needed to go from another European airport with better links across the pond.

Visiting Porto Soon? Use this guide bellow  to find the best things to do 

I thought, I have friends in Barcelona who I would like to visit. Barcelona has fantastic links to destinations outside of Europe.

BOOM! I found a solution. Low-cost airline Level from Iberia airlines offers direct flights (13 hours) from Barcelona to Los Angeles LAX. I booked my transatlatic flight for $100.

Flights between Porto and Barcelona are very cheap thanks to budget airlines such as Ryanair and Vueling. I got my flight for $15.

So, now I just needed to get from LAX to Vancouver. Back to Skyscanner. Easy. $90.

New total = $205 from Porto, Portugal to Vancouver, Canada

Plus, I get to spend 1 night in Barcelona, like I wanted!

Don’t forget nearby airports.

If you’re flying to/from a region which has multiple airports, make sure you check out the options from all of them.

We often assume that bigger airports mean more options, and more options mean lower fares. However, that is not always the truth!

Take New York for example. How many airports are in New York? Check Google if you don’t know.


Wrong. There are FOUR and the one you’re probably missing is New York Stewart International Airport. Despite being 60 miles away from Manhattan, flying to this small, relatively unknown airport, could save you hundreds of dollars.

Norwegian Air offers some great deals from Stewart to transatlantic destinations such as the UK, Ireland and Norway for as little as $99 one-way. A return flight could cost you just over $99!!

You need to bear in mind that this airport is 60 miles North of Manhattan and will take you 1.5 hours to reach. It’ll also cost you almost $20 on public transport to reach the airport from Manhattan. But, with those flight prices, I think we can handle that small added cost and journey time!

  • USE MULTIPLE SEARCH ENGINES but be selective! The ones which I have found to give the best results are:
  • Skyscanner – This is my absolute favourite. Why? It’s easy to use. You’ll find most airlines, even budget airlines on there.
  • Momondo – It’s a close-call between skyscanner and momondo for me but I prefer skyscanner’s interface
  • Google Flights – Why do I like it? It’s insanely fast and it’s a great search engine for price graphs showing flexible date options.
cheap flights 2019


I am a skyscanner addict. I spend a lot of my time browsing this site. It is my number one go to site for cheap flights and it should be the starting point of your flight search. Skyscanner will show you ALL the options. It includes low-cost and traditional airlines.

If you’re flexible about your dates, which you need to be if you want the cheapest deal, you can search for the cheapest flight by month on skyscanner. Having the ability to see the price of flights on different days can save you a lot of money. A flight can literally cost hundreds of dollars more from one day to the next. You’ll often find that flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday is a lot cheaper than flying on a Saturday. It makes perfect sense. Who wants to start their vacation on a Tuesday? Not many!

If you’re flexible about when you travel, maybe you can be flexible about WHERE you travel. Have you ever thought ‘I need a break, where can I go?’

Skyscanner’s ‘EVERYWHERE’ feature is a dream for people who just need to GO! You’ll be able to search the cheapest flights leaving your departure airport, on any date to EVERYWHERE in the world. Cool, huh?

It’s by using skyscanner’s ‘EVERYWHERE’ feature that I’ve managed to find some real deals. Such as, $47 for a direct flight from Cancun, Mexico to Bogota, Colombia (flight time: 3hr 25mins)

How could I resist that? The answer…. I didn’t.

If you’re not pressured for time, you can also take advantage of skyscanner’s price alerts feature. Like I said earlier, flight prices fluctuate. The price alert notification’s will alert you when the prices rise or fall.

cheap flights 2019


Many people prefer Momondo, and I understand why. This search engine will search most airlines and websites in the world and unlike many search engines, it will also pick out those that are not in English. Momondo is the go-to website for almost all travel experts that I know. Make sure you use Momondo and Skyscanner before you check out any other sites – you’ll save a lot of time, and money.

cheap flights 2019

Google Flights

Google Flights was launched in 2011, after Google purchased ITA Software, a travel and reservations software company. But, still today, not many people know about Google Flights and many people are put off by the appearance of the site. It really doesn’t catch your eye like other online flight agencies. Remember not to judge a book by it’s cover – this tool is powerful, and you should be using it.

Google flights is also ridiculously FAST. It’ll show you the cheapest price for each day instantly. This makes it an excellent tool for selecting the cheapest departure date.

On top of that, they have also rolled out a new feature recently which will predict the likelihood of delays that haven’t been announced by the airline themselves. Google flights won’t flag these delays until it’s at least 80% sure, though.

cheap flights 2019

Airlines often make mistakes in their pricing and this can lead to you saving a lot of money!

Here are some examples of mistake fares which I have found today:

  • Flights between European cities for $4
  • Business Class from European cities to New York, USA $460 return trip
  • Miami, USA to Brasilia, Brazil for $154 return trip

Mistake fares are usually the fault of human or technical errors.

BEFORE YOU BOOK! be aware that since 2015 it is no longer a legal requirement for airlines to honor these mistake fares. If they wish, they can cancel. They don’t always do so, because the airline doesn’t want the bad PR. Usually 10-20% of mistake fare tickets are cancelled.

Where can I find these mistake fares? Finding these deals on your own is pretty hard! Unless you want to invest a lot of time doing so, I recommend following the experts. is the best resource that I have come across and this site will show you worldwide flight pricing errors, every day. You can also subscribe to this site via email, Twitter or Facebook.

Other sites for finding mistake fares include Airfare Watchdog Flyer Talk , Fare Compare , the Flight Deal , and Skiplagged

Do you know any other ways to save money on flights? Share below and don’t forget to share this guide with your friends and family!

Chloe Holgate

cheap flights 2019


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  1. Very useful ideas. I am not yet a travel blogger, i mean I am not yet but I am planning to be one too. I know i still need to learn photography for this matter. I want to start with my own country and then other countries as well. Of course I need to renew my passport.

    I like the idea of finding out about airline booking errors. I might try this one in the local airlines.

    thank you for sharing such a wonderful post. Happy New Year and more successful travel goals for 2019 and beyond.

    1. Thanks Sharon. Glad you liked the tips!! We try them all the time and saved us a looot of money. A great 2019 for you too 😉

    1. Thank you!! There are more tips coming soon , if you want you can subscribe and you will be notified when there’ s a new post 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these tips! I never realized airlines made errors before. What a great idea to keep an eye out for them!

  3. Great tip. This surely will come in helpful as I’m planning another out of the country adventure this year. Thank you.

  4. I think you are so correct that flexibility is the key! If you can adjust your flight you can usually land cheap deals. I also always volunteer if a flight is over booked. I get a free night in a hotel and a free flight for my next trip! Not bad! I love to travel and need to do more!

  5. Great Post/ Years ago when we travelled more, I was a whiz at finding cheap flights. Now, things have changed so it’s refreshing to learn of new ways to find cheap airfare. Thank you!

  6. My husband and I love traveling so this is very helpful! Sometimes prices are so ridiculously expensive!

  7. What great tips!! As our kids are getting older we hope to get back into traveling more and these tips will be really helpful for making it more affordable (especially since there are now 4 of us!!)

  8. You have put tons of great information together. I am a frequent international traveler and I agree flexibility always get you good deal. Some of your points I never even thought about. I am pinning the post so I can use it next for reference. Thanks once again.

  9. These tips were Awesome! Thank you 🙂 as my kids grow up I want to get better at travelling. I’d love to show them the world.

  10. This is phenomenal information about air travel and how to get the best rates. Some sites I was not familiar with that I will definitely check out. So is it not true that the earlier you book the cheaper your price? I had always heard that one. Thank you for sharing

    1. Thanks for your kind words, I’m really pleased you find the info useful. As for booking flights early, it really depends on where you are flying to and what time of year. You’ll usually get the best rates 6-8 weeks before your departure date. BUT if you’re using a budget airline, it’s always better to book as soon as they release the dates. If you use sky scanner and search by month you can usually get a rough idea of how much the flight should be. I was recently looking for a flight from Bogota to Havana for mid April. The flights were coming up at around $300 but I noticed that in March the flights were only around $150 – and this is because the budget airline wingo hadn’t released their flights from yet for after the end of March. I waited a couple of weeks and checked their website each day, also signed up for price alerts on sky scanner and when they released the new dates I booked immediately and got the flight for $90. My best advice is just to play around with the sites I mentioned, you’ll start to get a good idea of what great deals you can get. Thanks again for your comment and stay tuned for further tips coming tips coming soon 🙂

  11. Great tips and great sites that I’ve never heard of! Awesome job on your killer flight to Vancouver btw!!

  12. What great info! My parents are currently searching for flights to Puerto Rico to visit friends and found that the flight prices were outrageous! When they checked the next day, the price was almost half. I will suggest that they try Sykscanner. Thank you!

  13. Love your non-BS approach to saving money on flights! 100% agree about the being flexible part – sometimes being able to fly on a Tuesday can save you a fortune. This is exactly how we are traveling now as well – first check the prices, then decide on the dates 🙂 Great article!

  14. Great tips to follow! I plan to travel more this year so I will definitely reference back to this post for guidance. Thanks!

  15. All the three tips are amazing. But I found number one as very worthwhile. Because at the peak season the price does skyrocket. But if you have a flexible date it will save you lots of money.

  16. We’re going to be planning a trip from NZ to Europe soon, so I’m going to be putting your tips into practice. Flexible is easy for us – but I’ll remember to check out different routes too.

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