Who are the faces behind the Nominal Nomad blog?
Thanks for checking out who we are. 

We are Chloe and Debora, from England and Portugal. 

Prior to starting this blog and becoming digital nomads, we were living in Porto, Portugal.

We didn’t run away from an unhappy life in Portugal – nor did we sell all our things in order for us to travel. As our city was fast becoming a tourist hot-spot, we took the opportunity to rent out our house in the city, store our things for a few months and go on an adventure around the world. 

See, we have always been adventurers and as Portugal is a small country, we were needing some new ground!

In 2017 we learned the term ‘digital nomad’. Digital nomads were flocking to Portugal to take advantage of the quality of life, great weather and cheap cost of living. It became apparent that working online was not something so unattainable. So, we decided to give it a go.

This journey is about having the freedom to work from anywhere you desire. 

The blog is designed to help aspiring digital nomads and budget travelers. It’s for people who don’t necessarily have years of savings in the bank account but do have a dream to see and explore the world. 

Having both traveled a lot since a young age and having experienced living in foreign countries and having done all of this without spending huge fortunes  – we´re here to share all our tips and advice on how to join the nomadic lifestyle, whether it is temporary or long term. 

We’re not here to sugarcoat anything. We’ll give you only honest, factual information. We’ll share the highs and the lows, the successes, and the failures. With this, we hope we can give you the confidence to start your own adventure.


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