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The theme is common, but they are two very distinct things. I was once a tourist and now I consider myself a traveler!

Why ? Because a tourist visits places and a traveler lives in the place , a tourist takes selfies and a traveler takes photographs! A tourist has plans and haste to arrive and say : “I’ve been here” and a traveler wants to spend as much time as possible in each place and does not know where it will stop and follows the taste of wind and opportunities.

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and does not intend to arrive” – Lao Tzu

It seems risky, and maybe it really is, that’s why being a traveler is not for everyone! But there is no harm in being just a tourist! it is always better to go somewhere new than to not go anywhere!

I strongly recommend that people first know the city and the country where they live, and only then see what the world reserves! Why visit the Eiffel Tower if you do not even know the monuments in the area where you live?

That’s how I started … visiting my city as a tourist would do, knowing every corner, every street, reading the history, going to new places, then extending it to neighboring cities and even know almost the whole country!

And then the world …. Then I began to feel the Wanderlust syndrome growing inside me … and just like a contagious disease invaded me and only stopped when I became a traveler!

And what is a traveler? Is it easy to drop everything and go? And live from what?

“Traveling is more than seeing the sights. It is a profound and permanent change in the ideas of life” – Miriam Beard

Well, I wasn´t born rich, so it is not easy to drop everything, employment, home, family, friends and simply go, you need a plan, a strategy, an objective!

Answering these questions can help: why? where? how?

If it was easy to find the answers, it will be easy to become a traveler and change the way you live and face life!

But then why be a traveler? Where to be a traveler? Is it to be a nomad, is this really for me? – continues in the next post

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