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Just as I mentioned in my second article: am i a tourist or traveler?, you need a plan, a strategy, a goal. I’m going to be a traveler, very well, but why, where,how?

I am not going to give you advice but I will tell you my experience and you can take what you think is positive for you.


There are thousands of reasons but the main reason is that I have wanderlust syndrome and because I did not want a traditional life, in which the objectives are to have a good course, good job, marriage, home, children, vacation home, grandchildren ans so on.

My purpose of life, at least to this moment is to live to the fullest, to discover the whole world and to see everything that is different without strings, without fears, without guilt. And you have wanderlust syndrome? What is your motive?


That depends on the budget and what you are looking for. I decided to start where I had more curiosity, the land of dreams, and freedom: THE USA! I confess that flight tickets were incredibly affordable and helped in the decision.

Since I’m on this side of the world, it’s easier to stay here, and harder to give up, and after an absolutely spectacular month of traveling in the USA, I left for a month in Canada and I’m still here, the next destination is Mexico and I intend to visit the whole Central America whole, and then i will decide, where to go next


This is where great planning comes in! For more than one year this change was thought out, rethought and programmed! It is important to have a savings, a source of income, in my case, I have several projects in progress, one of which this blog, my house is leased and all expenses insured and other things that I will reveal later.

To save money and have this lifestyle I also had to make many choices and put aside some things! For example; I started to go out less, to eat less in restaurants, to buy less clothes, to go less to the cinema, to buy less technology, to read books in PDF instead of buying the books, to recycle things, to restore, to learn to paint instead of calling the painter, I have an old car …

Long story short:  I started to buy and to have less, but to be and to live more !!! Fantastic right?

Being nomadic does not mean doing nothing and traveling, this is being rich! it is therefore important to have a source income and also occupation which can be a job online and from any location where you are!

Work remotely! Is this the future? What do you need to do? what skills you need to have? How can you have a remote job? What choices there are?

This subject will explained in the next post. Stay on that side!



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