Dreaming with a remote job?

Are you looking for a remote job? Where you can work online and travel at the same time to wherever you want? Do you want to have more time to enjoy life and work without annoying colleagues or supervisors? Or simply be at home away from the traffic and taking care of your children?

What is Remote Work?

As the name already indicates, remote work is exercised at a distance, without the need for the physical presence of the employee at the company’s headquarters. This job can be a remote or freelance job and can be done from anywhere, whether at home, in a private office, in a coworking environment or even at a coffee shop or a library.

Is it for me? What are the advantages?

A survey by the Telework Research Network shows that 86% of people dream of being able to work from home someday. And among Fortune Magazine listed companies, 66% believe they will have virtual offices within the next 5 years.

It seems very tempting to have the flexibility to be able to work wherever you are, that is exactly what I looked for when I made the decision to be a nomad. The advantage of working anywhere in the world is enormous. The stress of a daily commute is over, no more getting up early, having to dress in a certain way, being able to manage your time and resources, having more time for your personal life, taking breaks when you want, and the best of all, be away from colleagues and superiors!

This freedom that remote work allows is incredible but does it work well for everyone? Of course not! It is necessary to have a profile that fits and accepts all the advantages and disadvantages. In addition, not all jobs can be done remotely.

And what are the disadvantages?

There are several and that should be considered, such as loss of personal privacy, the possibility of overloading work, lack of motivation, possible social isolation or decreased productivity.

After considering whether the remote work fits with your personality and your way of being, you should understand what works best in your case.

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Freelancer or Remote Employee

Typically freelancing people are those who need to be involved in a new project whenever possible. They are hungry to learn new things, deal with different people or be free to work while traveling. Freedom is more important than a career or income.

But there is also the group of those who need a certain financial stability, those who have a family, who need to get their children in school every day or simply want to work at home without bosses and with all the advantages already mentioned.

Freelancers are usually multifaceted people, full of skills and because they are constantly learning, are able to do many different tasks and work on various projects. For example, I do photography and video, but I have a marketing background, so I do social media management and participate in market research panels. I am a mystery shopper and I collaborate with creating content for blogs and publications! I sporadically create websites, logos, among many other tasks! I am my own boss! I choose where and how I want to work. This is what it means to be a freelancer!

In conclusion being a remote employee despite professional freedom,  and self-management, is still a job, with a fixed salary and with all the responsibilities related to the company. This situation is more for people who value stability and who may have fewer skills linked to the various areas of the digital world, or have a very specific ability.

So where do I find this kind of work? Which areas have the most demand?

Do I have the required skills? How do I value myself?

The answers to these questions will be given in my next post. Stay tuned!



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