A real digital nomad? Nothing is as inspiring as meeting real people living the life that you’re dreaming of. Find out how they did it!

This week we meet Digital Nomad Chloe Holgate

real digital nomad Chloe in Kuala Lumpur 2017
Chloe in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2017

Hi Chloe! Please tell us a bit about yourself

I am 32 years old and from England, UK. I’ve just started my ‘digital nomad‘ life but I have lived in different countries before this. I have lived in Spain, Brazil and Portugal and worked as an English teacher for 8 years.

What motivated you to pursue a life as a digital nomad?

My main reason for becoming an English teacher was because I love travelling. 

After living and working in Portugal for over 4 years, I realised that I wasn’t travelling as much as I wanted.
My days off were Friday and Sunday and I became frustrated with my routine and the lack of flexibility that I had with my job.
Although I was having the experience of living in a different country, and I was in a country that I love, I was missing the excitement of travelling to new places.
I was tied to Portugal for 11 months of the year and I didn’t have time at the weekends to travel out of the country.
I’d never heard the term ”digital nomad” until a year ago and even then I thought it was only for people who worked in IT related fields.
Luckily, I realised that it wasn’t and that there are so many different possibilities and ways to become a digital nomad.

Do your friends/family/colleagues think you’ve gone crazy? Were they supportive?

I have always travelled a lot, and I have lived abroad on and off since I was 24 so I don’t think they have only just started thinking I am crazy 😉
I do still get asked ”When are you going to stop travelling so much?” “When are you going to settle down?” I think some people see this lifestyle as ‘irresponsible’ and ‘lazy’.
I don’t post pictures on facebook of myself working, but I do post lots of pictures of all the new places that I am seeing.
Sometimes, I think people don’t realise that I am actually working as well as travelling. 
Most people, and especially family, are supportive of my decisions – I think they trust me and my plans.
I don’t get myself into trouble (financially etc). I think people are starting to realise that you can be considered ‘successful’ without having the mundane 9-5 lifestyle.
real digital nomad Chloe in Big Sur
Chloe at Big Sur, CA USA, 2018

What is your location independent job?

I work as an online English teacher for a Chinese company. I also make online English courses which I sell on various platforms. As well as that, I also have a YouTube channel where I teach English.

What do you struggle with most when you work and travel?

Despite having the freedom to ‘work when I want’ – this can definitely have a negative impact. I don’t work from co-working spaces, only from my airbnb.
Therefore I have to be strict with myself and make sure that I am not working too much, it is easy to get wrapped up in things, especially when I am making a new course.
On the other hand, I sometimes can’t find the motivation to get started! If I was back in Portugal, working in a language school, I wouldn’t have this problem because i’d have my set working hours!

How did you get into this line of work? How can others do the same?

I joined different ‘digital nomad’ groups on facebook and I read lots of threads every day about people’s different experiences.

People would often mention that they taught English online. At first I was skeptical about it, I thought it would be impossible to make such good money by teaching online at home! It seemed too easy!
I started researching into it, and applying for lots of different teaching jobs, and they all sounded really interesting.
There were so many different companies out there that I ended up having to turn some jobs down!
If you’re interested in doing this kind of work then the best thing you can do is read about other people’s experiences.
Learn from their mistakes and take on their advice! Find out as much as you can, you’ll discover that there are many more opportunities out there than you ever expected to find!
real digital nomad
Chloe teaching English Online in Vancouver, Canada, 2018

What advice would you give to anyone who wanted to start out as a digital nomad?

Do it! But have realistic expectations.

If you want to be a digital nomad, you’re going to need to work for it.
You won’t be sitting on a beach, drinking cocktails all day!
Don’t just google ”online jobs” and expect to make lots of money from filling out surveys.
Find out what your skills are, talk to other digital nomads, join facebook groups and read blogs about other people’s experiences!

Quick Round:

    • When I feel lonely, I speak to my friends back home on whatsapp – it’s so easy to stay connected to people!
    • My favorite digital nomad location is Mexico
    • The one item I always pack is my MacBook!
    • My favorite digital nomad tool/app/blog/ resource is … this blog and various facebook groups!
    • In 5 years time, I want to be enjoying life as much as I am now!
  • My all-time favorite quote is  “once you need less, you’ll have more”
Chloe at the Rockie Mountains 2018
Thank you, Chloe, for sharing your great story with us, as you see being a Digital Nomad is not as reckless as many peole think. You can achive a great life style, but you also need to work hard! As they say: Work Hard, Play Hard!

If you’re curious about English Teaching Jobs, Chloe can help you with the process, you can find out all the details and apply here to join her Mentoring Program.

Find Chloe on Instagram or Facebook 

More interviews coming soon…would you like to be next? Do you also have an inspiring story? Please let me know


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30 thoughts on “Meet Real Digital Nomad, Chloe Holgate”

  1. Thank you for this great story and information. It’s really interesting to learn from you, wish you can achive a great life style!

  2. I LOVE listening and reading about other people’s journeys. You’re right – they are inspiring, or at least THEY SHOULD BE. People who don’t find them inspiring and find themselves jealous really need to re-evaluate their own lives!

  3. Great questions and interesting answers! Having recently joined the digital nomad lifestyle and still struggling to adjust fully, it’s very reassuring to read other people’s experiences 🙂 can especially relate to the challenge of finding the right balance/amount of work. For us as well, it’s either too much or too little – working on it! 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing the article! Very interesting as it shows the life of a digital nomad and not just the one we perceive

  5. This was so interesting to read! Its so cool to listen to a real person’s perspective. I love that she shared both the ups and downs of being a digital nomad. I feel like that life can be very glamorized and people don’t always think about loneliness or the amount of work that has to go into getting there.

  6. This is really something, because you didn’t just write, hey you can be a digital nomad it’s easy, because it isn’t, a few times you will feel lonely, or not motivated, or simply have a bad day, but still it’s a job like any other and it needs to be done. , it is a good job but it can’t be done by everyone. I like your advice’s, and I’ll forward this post to a friend that also has a blog, but is looking into what she can do to not be dependable on a 8-4 job. Thank you for sharing this informative post

  7. A digital nomad sounds like an amazing job! Chole is very brave to pursue her dreams. This is a very inspiring story!

  8. It’s really inspiring to find out about other digital nomad’s experiences, to learn how they got there. However, I do think native English speakers and people working in IT have an upper hand when trying to become digital nomads.

  9. I’ve been teaching online for several years now and it’s hard work. I think people should also keep in mind that traveling means different timezones and you need to make sure you stay on top of that fact with clients from around the world. Best wishes to Chloe!

  10. Ooooh, I was thinking of working for a Chinese company to teach English online. I currently teach in Japan, teaching English. But I want to teach online more for an extra income at first.

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