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This week we meet Digital Nomad Rui Ludovino

Hello Rui,

Please tell us a bit about yourself

I’m 51 years old, from Lisbon, Portugal. I’m an Olympic Judo Player and I’ve been in the Portuguese National team for more than 10 years. I’m a system engineer, and have been working from home since September 2002.

What motivated you to pursue a life as a digital nomad?

In fact, I was kind of pushed to do it. The computer company I worked for in Lisbon was not doing very well and I was looking for a new way to make money.

One day I came across a newspaper advert which said “earn extra money online”. I requested more information and was introduced to network marketing.

In my first 6 years, I used online marketing to build my network marketing business. Later, I got involved in other niches and my business greatly expanded.

Did your friends/family/colleagues think you’d gone crazy? Were they supportive?

Some of my friend made fun of me and tried to put me off doing it but they were giving me one more reason to make it happen.

Thankfully, my parents were very supportive. They told me “if that’s what you want, go for it”

What is your current job and location?

I work for myself.

My main income comes from my network marketing business (which I am not developing right now).

But, I have several streams of income from affiliate offers I am promoting and recurrent ones I promoted in the past.

My main tool for marketing is email marketing (that I`ve used since 2002), but I combine it with social media (mainly Instagram and Facebook).

Where do I live? Well…In the last 11 years I have been traveling a lot: more than 60 countries. But I always had a base somewhere.

I lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a few years. Then in Kiev – Ukraine, after that in Sao Paulo – Brazil. I went back to Lisbon for a while and then I lived in Moscow – Russia.

Right now I don`t have a base. Four months ago, I left my apartment, put all my belonging in a garage and started to travel the world.

Right now I am in Colombia, and I think I will be traveling until Christmas 2019 (12 more months) before going to see my parents in Portugal.

What do you struggle with most when you work and travel?

I am a very positive person, and I think this helps a lot.

I always focus on solutions, and then I am not too distracted by my struggles too much.

I think my main struggle is finding a good internet connection. When I was in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador the internet was terrible, that didn’t help my work…

…so I have had to become much more organized and now I always make sure to check what the internet speeds are like being choosing to travel to that city or before booking a certain hotel.

In the end though, it was great because I had much more fun, less work and not much in my business changed. Maybe sometimes things work out for the best!

How did you get into this line of work? Do you think anyone can do it?

As I said, I didn’t look for it, was a necessity.

Many people, through the years, have asked me how or if it is possible for them.

In fact, for many years I have been helping and mentoring thousands of people to start and evolve their digital careers.

I truly believe that everyone has the potential to do whatever they want to.

So, yes anyone can do it!

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What advice would you give to anyone who wanted to start out as a digital nomad?

My advice is this:

–      Get yourself a mentor – Usually, a mentor will be someone that went through the process and know what you need to do to start your online career. You can find a mentor who is knowledgeable in your field of work.

–      Be teachable – Many people buy training courses, get mentors, go to seminars etc but then they don’t apply what they have learned or been told. Too many people think it is an easy life, but it is not, and to start with, you will need to put in a lot of hard work.

–      Study every day – Things are always changing and so you need to keep up to date with the best tools and strategies out there.

–      Be consistent – After you have made a plan, you need to be consistent and work every day towards your goal. Managing your own time and work load is not easy and it is not for everyone. Some people need guidance from others. This is where 99% of people quit. They “try” for a few days or weeks and stop when “life” gets in a way.

Quick Round:

When I feel lonely…I go out there and meet other people (usually travelers).

My favorite digital nomad location is… anywhere with good weather and preferably near the beach.

The one item I always pack is … my credit cardM

In 5 years time, I want to be with someone I love doing exactly the same things I do now.

My all-time favorite quote is “Don’t ask for fewer problems, ask for more skills” – Jim Rohn

Thank you, Rui , for sharing your great story with us, as you read “everyone has the potential to do whatever they want to” and to become a  Digital Nomad you need to be teachable, and consistent.

If you’re curious about Rui Mentoring Program, you can find out all the details and apply here to join and learn more about starting a digital career.

“This guy makes magic happen! If you want to create freedoom in this industry you got to study and you got to partner yourself with mentors who know how to get to the next level and Rui can be that mentor for you.” Jonathan Budd – Powur CEO

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44 thoughts on “Meet Real Digital Nomad, Rui Ludovino”

  1. This is the life my wife and I want to live! Traveling the world, promoting creative businesses and doing it wherever we want! Thanks for this inspiring look into your life. One day, we’ll be doing it too. Hope we get a chance to meet in person when that happens so I can thank you in person!

    1. Will be great when we meet Johnny!
      any way thank you for the opportunity for sharing my story in Nominal Nomad.

  2. Globetrotting is an amazing experience. I traveled for a 5 year period with England as my base (I’m American). Best experience I ever had.

  3. I love the this interview. What a positive personality he has and I agree if you stay positive you don’t go crazy with any struggle rather find a way to handle that. I think we all want to live this life…hahha just got to work harder. He is right that email marketing is a great way of getting ready for success.

  4. I’ve been living as a nomad for over 5 years now, but am just now transitioning into a digital nomad. I’m nervous it won’t work out, but like you, it’s a necessity for me, do you’ve given me a jolt of much needed optimism. Thanks!

    1. We’re pleased to hear that. Rui is definitely a good example of someone who has worked hard to make this kind of lifestyle work well. It’s not always easy but it’s definitely very rewarding. Good luck!

  5. wow this is so inspiring! thank you for sharing this story with us. my boyfriend and i are working hard on creating something where we can enjoy what we do and have flexible schedules, and traveling anywhere whenever we want haha. so, this is definitely inspirational! xx

  6. Thanks for sharing! The digital nomad lifestyle intrigues me so much. A few years ago, I moved abroad and I’m fascinated by folks that are on the road full time. Cheers!

  7. Nice to meet you, Rui! 🙂 I loved your comment about being teachable and consistent. I am just making my first baby steps in becoming a digital nomad and have found that, like you said, consistency and perseverance are an absolute must if I want to succeed. Thanks for sharing your story!

  8. The digital nomad life sounds really exciting. I bet it’s a lot of fun to travel the world without having to worry about missing work.

  9. This is my absolute dream. I have mini trips three times a year. I have afflilate companies I work for and I’m trying to get online work – nmbut no success- YET. Still working on it. Great post!

  10. Rui, is awesome and thank you for sharing your amazing story. I also want to travel the world and live a life of digital nomad retiring early. He well said that people atopsswhen life get into them. I have face this problem and left work undone. But again bounce back.
    Nice story.

    1. We’re pleased you liked it and found it inspiring! Good luck with your own digital nomad journey!!

  11. The world is now a global village, and the opportunity information technology afforded us is priceless. Now we have the opportunity to combine our professions with our passions, and be able to get satisfaction and income at the same time. What a great time we live in!

  12. Very interesting! I enjoyed learning about your lifestyle. I’m not sure I have the disciple to do what you’re doing. Also great advice that you could use in all aspects of life.

    1. We’re pleased you enjoyed the article. You’re right, it’s definitely not a lifestyle for everyone

    1. We’re pleased you liked it! It’s definitely something that people should think about carefully before jumping into it.

  13. Thank you so much for this. I’m trying to get to a place where I can just work wherever I am. This was very interesting!

    1. Pleased you enjoyed it! And I’m sure you can also achieve it if that’s what you really want 🙂

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