Nothing is as inspiring as meeting real people living the life that you’re dreaming of. Find out how they did it!

This week we interviewed an inspiring digital nomad couple who have been travelling full-time since March 2017. They´ve captured the hearts of thousands of loyal followers. Inspiring likeminded dreamers with thei magical photographs and enchanting tales of adventures.

Hi! Please tell us a bit about yourself

Hi there! We are Roxanne and Maartje, two girls in love with each other, the world, writing and photographing. We met while studying in Amsterdam and fell in love after one year of friendship.

We were both bitten by the travel bug already, so a world trip was inevitable. In March 2017, we left the Netherlands and are still traveling.

What motivated you to pursue a life as a digital nomad?

Actually, I (Roxanne) never wanted to be a digital nomad. Maartje studied abroad in the States for half a year and started a blog. She likes to write and wanted to start a new blog to document our world trip.

When I was 18 years old, I traveled for 6 months without a laptop and smartphone, with only a Lonely Planet. That’s how I wanted to travel again!

Luckily after a couple of months of traveling together, I got excited about blogging and Instagram and a whole new world opened.

Who would ever have thought you could make money while traveling? 

How did your friends and family react? Were they supportive?

They are still confused about how we are making money online while traveling. Most family members are supportive but some are more conservative.

They ask us questions like ‘when are you going to build your pension’ and ‘isn’t it time to settle down and buy a house?’ – but we have an entirely different mindset!

Roxanne and Maartje

What is your location independent job?

We freelance for a Dutch newspaper called Metro. Every week we write an article for them and make a vlog. We are free to go anywhere we want and write about it!

We also have our own travel blogInstagram and Facebook and are trying to do more with Youtube. Roxanne just started to learn how to edit video’s – so get ready for more video-content coming soon!

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What do you struggle with most when you work and travel?

The balance between work, traveling and the relationship is definitely challenging. There’s enough work to go on 24/7, so it’s easy to work non-stop and forget about the rest (meaning each other).

We don’t like to travel at a fast pace, we like to take it slow. Mostly because we simply can’t handle all the work and exploring at the same time!

If we explore by day, we do online work at night, but if we do online work during the day, we try to take the night off to spend time together (we LOVE playing card games).

Roxanne and Maartje

How did you get into this line of work? How can others do the same?

It does NOT fall into your lap, you have to be out there, be determined, follow through and simply make it happen!

The only time you fail is when you give up, so you have to keep going – no one’s success was built overnight.

For the job at the newspaper, we simply applied for the job application we saw through a bloggers-platform. They didn’t find us, we found them! 

What advice would you give to anyone who wanted to start out as a digital nomad?

  • Research, research, research! Starting as a digital nomad can be overwhelming, but there are so many helpful websites and blogs to help you start.
  • Find out what you want to do, and then start doing it! The first steps are the hardest, but there are so many great tools to get you going.
  • Facebook groups definitely helped us out big time in the beginning. Connect with others, find your niche and make your business happen!

Why are Digital Nomads Failing? read more about it here

Roxanne and Maartje

Quick Round:

When we feel lonely, we… we actually never feel lonely, we make sure to connect with others constantly! Either online or through meeting up while travelling.

Our favorite digital nomad location is Thailand, because it’s such a welcoming country.

The one item we always pack is our camera – we can’t go a day without it haha.

Our favorite digital nomad tool/app/blog/ resource is Facebook groups! Never underestimate the power of teamwork – especially if it’s online and you can find like-minded people with just a click!

In 5 years time, we want to be traveling around the world with a little baby! Gotta stay challenged in life, right?

Our all-time favorite quote is ‘no one is you, and that is your power’ – don’t copy others, be amazing in your own way!

If you’re curious about Once Upon a Journey travels, work and lifestyle find and subscribe them on their amazing blog Instagram , Youtube  or Facebook

Roxanne and Maartje

Nominal Nomad


59 thoughts on “Meet Real Digital Nomads, Roxanne and Maartje”

  1. So cool to be able to do something you’re passionate about for a living! Traveling with a baby would be a whole other adventure! Ha! I don’t even think I’m ready for a baby in the same location! Do you think you’ll always live life on the road? Is there any thoughts about settling in a place you love one day? I think I could do it for a stretch of time if I knew one day I could put down roots. Heck…I know we’re all different, though. I just find it fascinating!

  2. I applaud you both for doing what you really want to do in life. Not everyone gets that opportunity to explore and make a living while doing it. Sounds like the best of both worlds to me! I hope you get to travel the world with your baby soon!

  3. I think it’s fantastic that you are living your dream. I hope your dreams continue to come true. By the way, I love the photos. So bright, colourful….and happy.

  4. What an inspiring write-up! This style of travel combined with work is absolutely amazing and must take a lot of hard work and courage. But I’m sure it helps to do it with someone you love! The photography is beautiful as well!! Good luck to you both, I will definitely be checking out your sites!!

  5. It sounds like they are doing a really great job of finding a way to balance things! No matter what your job, it can be easy to get caught up in work and forget to appreciate the beauty around you. I’m sure traveling makes it hard to focus on work sometimes too.

  6. What an exciting life! I imagine I would also prefer to slow travel… fast travel is exhausting. I envy your lifestyle, and wish you all the best while travelling now and especially once you have a baby.

  7. What a lovely story.Quite interesting with some hard facts about blogging.Keep going.Best wishes.Come to India & let me know if any help required in planning.

  8. This is an amazing post because of how honest you two are. I have a friend who is starting to get into the world of the digital nomad and has been looking for more realistic research on how to do so. I have to tell her about this post!

  9. It’s so inspiring to see people living the life of their dreams. In this world where we live in a place surrounded by people whom we tried to please, it is an amazing thing that there are some who stand up and leave everything behind and do what they love. Such a wonderful post.

  10. Thank you Sausa for this wonderful, inspirational article. Two girls travelling as a digital nomad being in love with each other is just extraordinary. Love this post.

  11. Awe! I absolutely love these photos! You can really see the love:) So inspiring that these two were able to do what they love-with the one they love! Beautiful story! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Reading posts like this still amazes me and I have nothing but admiration for you! It certainly isn’t easy but you make it sounds such a beautiful journey!

    1. Thanks Nina. It definitely comes with it’s own challenges, but absolutely worth it to live the life you wish to have!

  13. So interesting to get to know you a little bit better, ladies! I have actually come across your blog already a couple of weeks ago when I was writing about our adventures at the Cheow Lan Lake. You’ve got a great thing going 🙂

    Debora, I love these interview series! Always so fun to read about people and their stories 🙂

  14. I love that this is not just one person saying hey, I’m going to go travel the world, but two people who actually love and like each other enough to do it together! I’m only just beginning in the blogging world and it’s tough work.

  15. It’s always so encouraging to read about the digital nomads. Love to see people leading life in their own terms, goign wherever they want to , doing what they most love to do. great interview!

  16. It is always much easier if you are two, you can support each other, help each other and motivate each other, well like life is really. And it is no difference in a job or like here as a digital Nomand. and as they say, just don’t give us, you have to believe in yourself and your brand… great read.

  17. Those are really lovely images, they stand out from other blogs.
    It is nice to see them turning to digital nomads. It is my plan as well. Hoe next year I can be fully location independent.

  18. Good blogging advice! Research is very important. I wish I had done more of that at the beginning myself!

  19. Inspiring article for everyone who has the idea in their mind about starting as digital nomand. Happy for you both. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks Daniel! We have done a few before if you haven’t seen them already. And we’ll definitely be doing some more. Pleased you enjoyed it. Thanks again

  20. Love reading stories like this. Gorgeous photos and they look so happy. Great when you can live your dream!

  21. What an inspiring, and gorgeous, couple. I love interviews where we find out about other travel bloggers and Roxanne and Maartje sound amazing. I love that quote “no one is you, and that is your power”. I have to remind myself of that everyday when I worry about posting something that has been covered before. But then I remind myself that I am putting my own twist on a subject, with my own voice, and my audience will want to read it!

  22. That’s a great interview. I loved the quality of all your questions. I would love to live a digital nomad life like Roxanne and Maartjee. They are very inspiring. More power to them.

  23. Such an inspiration! It’s wonderful to read about people who have the courage to follow their dreams.

  24. Glad to know about digital nomads Roxanne and Maartje through your blog. It is good they write for Dutch paper – metro and then they make vblog on it. Would love to read more interviews through your blog.

  25. As someone who has been living a digital nomad lifestyle in the past 7 years, I can relate to this. And yes it’s all about balance. A lot of people think it’s an easy lifestyle but it actually involves a lot of hard work and discipline as well. Nice write up!

  26. Very interesting ladies with great views and ideas. But the compliment goes to the interviewer for all the good questions that allow them to introduce themselves and their ideas to the max. Very inspiring.

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