Nothing is as inspiring as meeting real people living the life that you’re dreaming of. Find out how they did it!

This week we interviewed an inspiring digital nomad couple. Not only have these girls inspired thousands of people through their YouTube channel, they even influenced and helped us with our own digital nomad journey.

We´ve been following Micha and Justina´s adventures for quite some time. We have seen their YouTube channel grow from 1,000 to over 40,000 subscribers. We have witnessed the hard work they have put in to making their digital nomad journey a success. They don´t sugarcoat anything – these are no-nonsense girls who work hard and play hard.

Let´s find out how they do it.


Please tell us a bit about yourselves…

Our names are Micha and Justina* and we are a couple from the UK and Lithuania. Justina moved to the UK at the age of 17 and we have been together since 2014.

We had both been working standard office jobs in the UK but in 2016, we quit it all to travel the world. In February 2018, we decided to become digital nomads and document our lives on our YouTube channel called Beer For Breakfast.

* Micha is from the UK, the girl with curls and Justina is from Lithuania – the girl with blonde hair. 

What motivated you to pursue lives as digital nomads?

The biggest motivation for us was the freedom to travel to any corner of the world. We knew that if we could work online, we could be anywhere anytime. We love this kind of flexibility. 

How did your family and friends react? Were they supportive?

They were very supportive of us leaving the UK and starting our digital nomad journey. Some of them still don’t understand what we do or how we do it, they just know that it’s something that we are passionate about and that’s all they care about – us being happy with what we do. 


What is your location independent job?

Justina teaches English online through two different platforms. She teaches English on ITALKI during the day and then she teaches some Chinese children on SuperKid in the evenings.

Micha works as a freelance video editor, she finds her clients on Upwork and Freelancer. She also edits all of our YouTube videos.

How did you get into this line of work? What advice would you give to others who wish to do this kind of work?

I ( Justina ) got into this job by simply searching for any freelance work online. I soon realised that I could be teaching English online since it was one of the most popular jobs out there. I have registered with and soon enough I was contacted by one of the Chinese companies asking me to work for them.

I ( Micha ) have always been interested in design and video editing. I used to work in a digital marketing department back in the UK. We would say that if you have a skill already, see if you can transfer it onto online platforms.

For example, if you are currently working as a secretary, I am sure that there are tons of jobs online available who would hire you as an online assistant. If you don’t think that you have a skill, see what you are interested in, what are your strengths and learn that skill!

Some people are very creative, they have lots of ideas in their mind but they don’t know how to work with certain programs to make it into reality. Watch lots of YouTube videos, tutorials, surround yourself with a skill that you want to master and slowly work on it every day. 


What do you struggle with most when you work and travel?

We would say that we mostly struggle with stable internet connection. We currently don’t have any portable internet device that would provide us good internet throughout out travels so we can only rely on hotels’ wifi. 


What tips would you give to anyone who wanted to start out as a digital nomad?

Many people may say that you shouldn’t quit your job until you found a new one, but we encourage this kind of behaviour ( as long as you have a some savings ). We think that not having a job will push you to actually get one as soon as possible because you know that your saving won’t last forever.

It’s like a challenge that will kick you in the ass and force you to step out of your comfort zone. That’s exactly what we did! We left Canada (we had been on a working holiday VISA) and came to South East Asia without having any online job but we started looking for something right away.


Quick Round:

When I feel lonely, I … we actually never feel lonely because we have each other and we are each other’s best friends. 

Our favorite digital nomad location is .. Malaysia

The one item our always pack is …   our laptops

Our favorite digital nomad tool/app/blog/ resource is …  YouTube 

In 5 years time, we want to be … full time YouTubers

Our all-time favorite quote is …   “People spend money they don’t have, to buy things they don’t need, to impress people they don’t even like.”

This quote is important to us because it focuses on being a minimalist and only doing the things that you actually care about and that’s who we are.

Thank you, Micha and Justina, for sharing your great story with us, as you see being a Digital Nomad is not as reckless as many people think. You can achieve freedom and a great lifestyle, but you also need to work hard!


As they say: “Cheers to Freedom!”

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65 thoughts on “Meet Real Digital Nomads, Micha and Justina”

  1. This has got to be a great life for the young! I can’t imagine being a digital nomad at 50 though I wouldn’t mind trying. You must get to see some incredible places.

    1. Never too old Scott! Our last interview was with a digital nomad who is over 50! But I agree, it’s not for everyone.

  2. It’s great to hear from people that are actually living the digital nomad life. I hadn’t ever thought about teaching English online, but I guess that would be an option to fund the digital nomad lifestyle.

  3. wow that is amazing! and looks like an INCREDIBLE way to spend your time!! I am glad to have read this blog! Very inspiring!

  4. i think with how things are going, more and more people will be digital nomads working from all over the world. i am personally not one to function well in an office setting for hours at a time, so you can find me at a coffee shop or out in my backyard by the pool!

    1. Definitely agree with you on that!! I guess we have so many options these days and so much more flexibility

  5. What an amazing journey! I love their story and the positive go-getter attitude they have towards their chosen career. They seem like they absolutely love the adventure they are on and it shows through their positive outlook on life! Very cool article!

  6. This is so amazing! I wish I could do something like this. I would have never had the guts to quit my day job and pursue my wildest dreams. Good on you girls! amazing

  7. I backpacked for 5 years around the world. I left home when I was 17. I figured University would always be there and I should travel while I was young. It really is an amazing experience and I very much agree with what these two great ladies said!

    1. We’re pleased to hear you agree! I bet you’ve had some amazing adventures, and you were so brave to do that at a young age – fantastic!! Thanks for your kind comment

    1. Thanks Lisa, pleased you enjoyed it. It is definitely an inspiring story and shows that a digital nomad lifestyle is achievable.

  8. Beautiful and so inspiring! It takes a great deal of courage and determination to follow your passion and heart! Really loved reading about their life and journey of becoming real digital normads.

    1. Thank you! We completely agree with you and it’s great that their courage and determination is paying off.

  9. Brave, inspiring, and smart ladies living the dream! I love the name and I love that you are experiencing life at this young age and not “saving it for later”…like I did!

  10. I’m not sure I’m cut out to be a digital nomad myself, but I find that way of life so interesting. I need a home base. I love to travel, but at the end of the day I want to still be able to have something to come back to! So cool…thanks for sharing!

  11. Maybe if I were younger…Micha and Justina definitely look like they are having the adventure of a lifetime, but I think I’ve gotten too used to my creature comforts.

  12. Wow they are an inspiration I. this digital world. Really great tips on vlogging. Thanks for covering them and sharing the interview.

  13. I need of change of scenery every now and then. Also i have in the past have worked from a regular office and not for me. Love my job I can work from anywhere. But its not for everyone.

    1. Totally understand that! As long as you are happy with where you are and what you are doing, that is all that matters!!

  14. I have the goal of getting my business built up enough to work from anywhere and traveling everywhere with my kiddos! This was a great insight thanks!

  15. This is something I want to do. Not really want to travel, persay, but I just want to be able to leave my job. Thanks for introducing us to these wonderful people!

  16. How freakin cool! I had no idea these girls are doing what they’re doing, I’m going to go binge watch their videos now lol great interview!

  17. I recently gave notice to my job because I found a work from home position that I am able to do anywhere. I’m excited to see how this new lifestyle will work for me and my family! We are already planning trips to take because I won’t have the restrictions of a work environment. I’m even more inspired by reading this post and looking forward to living a life I’ve been dreaming of!

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