In my last Post I spoke about Eiffel Tower, and that reminded me about the classic Casablanca film and the famous quote:  “We’ll always have Paris” but what if Paris has a perfect copy 11.830,72 km across the globe, in China?

Sounds Ridiculous right? But its true!

Located in the suburbs of the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou the development on this Paris replica began in 2007, but local media say it is a ghost town now.

A residential area to accommodate 10,000 people was built around a replica of the Eiffel tower ( 3 times smaller), but only 2.000 people live there. It was built to attract rich people, and give them a European lifestyle. But not many got convinced!

The buildings in this suburb are meticulous creations of the Parisian sights, including Paris’ Champs-Elysees Avenue, Arc de Triomphe, French neoclassical-style buildings, Luxembourg Gardens Fountain and much more.


 “Art begins in imitation and ends in innovation”. Mason Cooley,

China used to imitate famous cities and locations, such as London, Hanover, World Trade Center, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and even beaches,  which unfortunately drew flak for its replicated structures.

But is this correct?

Surprisingly, Chinese people believe that copying or duplication is not something illegal or a crime. But in their copy-friendly culture, a good replicator is a well-appreciated talent and the art of mimicry is encouraged.

In conclusion : I don’t deslike it but I belive Chinese people should still value more their own heritage and construction designs!What do you think?


See the video about it



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