Is packing for your digital nomad adventure giving you a headache? It definitely gave me one.

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The internet is full of people telling you, you need this and that. Your packing list might be getting out of control!

Well, I´m not here to tell you what you what a digital nomad should and shouldn´t pack. Most of that is down to personal preference and needs.

Even as minimalist travelers, our packing list will be different from one person´s to the next.

For example, if you´re a photographer or video maker, you´re going to prioritize cameras and recording equipment.

Travel bloggers often write about items which you must have before you start travelling. The problem with this is, the lists tend to include things like MacBook Pros or SLRs, or even items which the writer has never even used before.

I want to throw this guide out there though because I believe these things are truly amazing for digital nomads or long term travellers

I can promise you, the things I am sharing with you are:

  • Items which I have used on multiple trips and really liked
  • Items which are inexpensive and great value for moneyItems which I have paid for myself (non of these were given to me for free)

These items might also be things you have not heard of before. I mean, what exactly is a cocoon grid-it anywhere? Just keep reading to find out!

This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to buy any of these items, I will receive a commission from the sale at no extra cost to you. We do not accept free products for reviews on our site and therefore affiliate links are our source of income.

Top 10 Digital Nomad Essentials

solid shampoo bar
  • Solid Shampoo Bar – Made with natural and organic ingredients, I first started using shampoo back in 2007 when I went on my round the world trip and I haven´t used bottled shampoo since then.

They´re great if you´re traveling with hand luggage, especially as they last for approximately three months which easily outruns a standard bottle of shampoo.

They´re compact, taking up hardly any space in your luggage. Packed full of natural ingredients and essential oils – they smell delicious and leave your hair soft and smelling divine.

The shampoo bar will clean your hair without stripping it of natural oils which I find extremely beneficial after being in the sun and sea.

It comes with a handy little tin and I recommend always making sure you leave it to dry standing up, and preferably let it dry before packing it.

Also, think how much plastic you´re saving from the environment!

blue light blocker transparent glasses

Luckily you can now get hold of blue light blocker transparent glasses. They might not be the most fashionable item in your backpack but they will do you a world of good especially if you´re prone to headaches. 

These blue light filter glasses will block out all blue light.

They´ll reduce eye-strain meaning you´ll suffer from less eye fatigue, blurred vision and headaches. You´ll also notice that your sleep drastically improves! Trust me.

water filter botle
  • LifeStaw Water Filter Bottle If you´re traveling to a country where you can´t drink the tap water, you might want to check out this swanky bottle.

A couple of years ago, I realized I was spending a lot of money on bottled water.

Not only does drinking bottled water waste a lot of money, it is only terrible for the environment.

As we´re becoming more conscious about how our actions affect the planet, giving up plastic bottles is nowadays quite easy.I had no idea this kind of bottle existed until my friend recommended it to me.

The Lifestraw Water Filter Bottle will filter 99.9999% of waterborne protozoan parasites, and filters to 0.2 microns. It removes E. Coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium oocysts, and more.

Ditch the plastic, and get one of these.

revolut card
  • Revolut Bank Card You might have read an earlier post dedicated to this bank. The truth is, this is probably the best thing to happen to travel in recent years.

I cannot travel abroad without my Revolut card. Why is it so good? No fees, the best conversion rates and everything is handled on the easy-to-use app – even customer service issues.

Not only that, you can even get pay-per-day insurance which starts at just £1 per day.

This is the perfect bank for long term travelers and digital nomads.
Read more about it here. 

digital nomad

Cocoon Grid-it  I don´t know about you but my backpack is full of chargers, cables, hard-drives and headphones.

I have never found a convenient way of packing them nicely in my luggage and usually they end up just being thrown in random pockets.

 I also hate how long it takes me to find certain charges and cables. I´m constantly unpacking and repacking my backpack just to get to that one charger which is somehow always at the bottom of my bag.

That was until I discovered the cocoon grid-it, recommended to me by a fellow digital nomad. 

This is a gadget´s best friend and maybe also a digital nomad´s.

It´ll store all your cables and charges, hold them in place and there are endless configurations. If you´re a bit of a neat freak like me, this will be your dream item. 

  • Kindle Some people anti-kindle. They say they love the smell and feel of books and simply can´t stand to read from a screen.

I think it´s just because they can´t impress people around them by showing off what book they are reading.In all honesty, I was a bit of a book snob myself for a while.

I owned a kindle for years but still kept buying paper books. I didn´t take my kindle with me on my last trip and immediately regretted it. I was kicking myself.

I was stuck with a paperback which was boring me to death and I was nowhere near a bookstore.  I was left thinking to myself..

Why did I not bring my kindle? What was I thinking? I could have access to so many books right now.

Lesson learnt – so if you´re one of them, stop being a book snob, get yourself a kindle. Your bag will be so much lighter, and with access to endless books, you´ll surely read much more!

You don`t need the fancy, latest kindle. This one costs under $50 and is perfect!

Adjustable Laptop Stand

Digital nomads often spend long hours at the computer. Most people are hunching over a desk in a co-working space, coffee shop or home office.

Digital nomads are spending long hours on the computer, and how many of you are thinking about your poor back?

The nexstand foldable laptop stand is a simple product which is so beneficial to your health.

Did you know that just 4-hours of sitting at a computer each day can lead to serious back problems? And not only that.

Here are just a few more reasons why you should be using a laptop stand.Raising the monitor to eye level will prevent eyestrain, headaches and neck pain.

A great way to stand while you work.It`s lightweight and portable.It´ll keep your laptop cool.

The nexstand stand is the best value laptop stand on the market and is a universal size to fit all models. It is much more compact than you might think.

The height can be changed from 5.5 inches to 12.6 inches. It´s durable, stable and compact. It looks great and most importantly, it`s going to really help your health.

osprey 40

I never believed in investing so much money in one. They are all the same, aren´t they? No, no they are not.

Flash-forward to 2019, airlines seem to be cracking down and implementing baggage fees wherever they can, I realised that traveling with carry-on luggage is going to save me so much money.

It also stops me packing a ridiculous amount of stuff which I never wear or use.My friends couldn´t quite believe me when I said I was going to travel with cabin luggage only, until I showed them the Osprey Farpoint 40L backpack.

Osprey backpacks are the cream of the crop. They don´t come cheap but my gosh are they worth it. Reasons why I love this bagFront loading (opens like a suitcase) Padded waist beltGreat quality and very comfortable shoulder strapsTwo sizes available S/M or M/LUnisex and female specific version.

The backpack is extremely roomy, and you´ll fit a lot of stuff in here. The laptop space is perfect for all laptops and it´s well padded.

This backpack is the perfect design for a digital nomad. The best thing of all is the size, the farpoint meets the hand luggage size requirements of around 99% of airlines.

No need to worry about baggage fees or having to check your luggage in! Another bonus is their lifetime warranty.

I lost a buckle from my strap and I contacted them on facebook to ask how I could get hold of another one, a few weeks later and one arrived in the post (free of charge). How´s that for customer service?

slim keyboard

OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth keyboard and VicTsing Wireless Mouse If you are going to follow my good advice and get a laptop stand then you´re going to need an external keyboard and mouse.

Luckily, OMOTON have a very sleek keyboard which is very thin and light making it easier to carry around on your travels.

The Bluetooth connectivity also means you can connect you iPad, iPhone and any other Bluetooth enabled tablet, laptop or mobile phone. 

wireless mouse

The VicTsing wireless mouse is a standard cordless mouse which can be used with all laptops, desktops and tablets.

It is compatible with apple and windows.Again, investing in these few items is going to be extremely beneficial.

As a digital nomad you´ll be spending a lot of time at your laptop and you want to make sure you´re as comfortable as possible. 

computer lock
  • RUBAN Notebook Lock and Security Cable As a digital nomad, you´re probably going to be working from cafes, libraries, co-working spaces and so on – you might want to get one of these very trusty cable locks for your computer.

With this handy lock, you will be able to leave your laptop on the table without having to trust someone else to keep an eye on it for you.

You can use it with any kind of laptop and also with phones and tablets. It is made of cut resistant, strong twisted steel so it´s 100% reliable.

There you go!Those are my top 10 coolest digital nomad items which I believe will vastly help you as a digital nomad and make your life easier and more efficient. 

Do you have anything which you consider an essential item for a digital nomad?

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22 thoughts on “Top 10 Coolest Digital Nomad Travel Items for 2019”

  1. I definitely need the light blocking glasses and the laptop stand. I’m hunching over this computer all day and it’s starting to take it’s toll! Great list!

  2. I recently invested in Blue Light glasses and they have been a lifesaver for me in terms of less headaches. I also had gotten my hands on a stand up desk that I use on a daily basis. I had tried this due to neck pain (tech neck) and back pain. This has also saved me! I travel often for business and love the Cocoon grid it item you described. I have tried so many different options for cables and chargers and this looks great! Thank you for the tips!

  3. You have some excellent suggestions here and not just for digital nomads. I love your Lifestraw bottle. What a fantastic idea being able to ensure water is safe and help the environment.

  4. I don’t have most of these items yet. If I could only get one though, I’d have to have the Cocoon Grid-it. My cords and chargers are always a mess.

    1. Yes, I use it when I am not traveling too. It lasts so much longer than ordinary shampoo and better for the environment too!!

  5. This is a great list! I never knew that a shampoo bar existed, but now I want one! I also want the cord stowing thing and the laptop lock which I also didn’t know existed. Thanks for giving me things to add to my amazon wish list!

  6. Of wow that Cocoon grid looks cool and actually useful! I always forget where I put my cables and stuff when I travel, I’m a real mess when it comes to that.. It could be a life savior LOL! Thank you for sharing!

    1. It is such a good item, I was exactly the same as you before I got one!! Pleased you liked it!!

  7. That cocoon grid-it is really neat! I like how all the gadgets fit into it and shampoo bars are pretty neat + helpful when traveling. Thanks for sharing all of these!

  8. I need these blue light glasses! I work in front of 7 computer monitors at my job and I wear contacts! I have workspace RX glasses, but I see better in my contacts, so it makes sense to just use the blue light glasses like you mentioned! I also love Osprey packs…I have a few myself!

  9. I love the shampoo bar idea a lot! I have thick, long hair that uses shampoo like crazy! This would be way more environmentally friendly! I also need that cable organizer for all my wires and tech accessories

  10. This is awesome list useful for all travellers. I was not even aware of some of the items in this list, and honestly just wanted to have them as soon as I read about them. I am going to buy the shampoo bar and cocoon grid-it. Thanks for sharing some really cool items with your readers

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