Since the beginning of time, men have always seeked new lands to live and work.

Thanks to this natural longing for discovery, we were able to find enchanting places and contribute to the development of our species.

These people were nomads and traveled from place to place always looking for more and better. This obsession to travel and explore the world still lives on in many people and nowadays has a special name: Wanderlust syndrome.

The term wanderlust originates from the junction of two English words, wandern (meaning tour, trip, ride) and lust (meaning desire, longing). Combining the two words creates the time “desire (or passion) for traveling.” in Wikipedia 

When we travel, we discover more about the world and about ourselves, our tastes, dreams, limits and desires. We learn to open ourselves to the new and to get out of our comfort zones.

We have the opportunity to meet different people, ways of life and traditions, and as we increase our knowledge about the world and life, we also feed our spirits.

But what if traveling was a way of life?
What if we could be nomads again? And if wanderlust was not a syndrome but a cure?



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